What is the point of this forum and what is the relationship to Trino Slack

I like the idea, but I wonder what’s the type of questions here that couldn’t be answered in Trino Slack, the docs, or Stack Overflow. It’s a bit confusing. What’s the relationship with Trino here and who is the target audience?

TL;DR: This forum aims to complement other community resources as a Q&A and wiki message board that makes answers to questions much easier to be found instead of other Slack and much more open to help newcomers as opposed to Stack Overflow. This requires moderation that will be handled initially by Starburst but eventually passionate community members.

The target audience are both Trino and Starburst Users. The idea is that folks using Starburst are inadvertently using Trino. We want there to be a place for both Starburst and Trino users to share their advice, ask questions, and get answers. Just like any other site, it is encouraged to ask questions about anything related to Trino, even competitors like EMR, or Athena. Don’t be surprised however, if the community members working at or using Starburst point you to use Starburst :wink: we may have a little bias.

We’ve long needed an FAQ and Q&A section for Trino to address the lack of ability for users to find answers to questions that have been answered. A lot of these answers exist but it’s clear that even for users that know about Slack don’t know how to search it effectively. Many newcomers don’t know about the Trino Slack or barely know Trino won’t be able to understand that they first need to join our slack to tap into the knowledge that is there. However, everyone knows how to use a search engine (mainly Google) and this forum is established so that all the questions/answers are optimized to be picked up by search engines easily.

Another option could be to use Stack Overflow, but there are very limiting rules that are used to scale Stack Overflow for a larger community that aren’t necessarily needed when you are able to moderate the more open ended discussions. There are many built in capabilities of Discourse to scale up moderation but they are much less limiting and actually inclusive of active members that want to be involved in moderating the site. This only requires a consistent core group of individuals dedicated to maintaining the conversations. The difficult part is building this core group of moderators. Many times you need some seed moderators.

This is where Starburst can come in. Starburst hosts this forum and for now are the core moderators of the site in early phases. This benefits Starburst as it effectively bring awareness to their services and increases goodwill and mindshare, while also providing a place for their customers to learn from the open source community and vice versa.

Over time core community members can grow into moderator roles. This happens automatically by members growing their levels through both reading and writing activities up until the final trust tier. At this point the core team can select members to be promoted.