Teradata connector


We want to connect trino with Teradata but couldn’t find connector.
Is there Teradata connector available in trino? or do we need to create custom connector?

Mahebub Sayyed

Please look here: Starburst Teradata connectors — Starburst Enterprise

Teradata used to manage their own connector for Presto long ago but it hasn’t been touched in years. There’s currently not one available in open source and Starburst is the only one that has a connector available at the moment.

@bitsondatadev, Currently we don’t have Starburst enterprise license.
could you please share link for old connector managed by Teradata.


Hey @masayyed,

After doing a quick search, it looks like Teradata also had their connector proprietary as I can’t find any Teradata connector code in their presto fork.

Here is some of their documentation on it. It might be something you would need to contact Teradata about.

From what I recall, Teradata doesn’t work on this connector any more so if it’s not open sourced likely Starburst is the only option to connect Trino/Presto.