How to join two tables in Trino from Apache Superset?

This question comes from the Trino Slack.

Hi team, I am completely new to trino, I got to know from superset community that we can use trino to join table from two different database. But I don’t know how to integrate Trino in superset to join tables from different database say bigquery and MySQL. Please someone help me achieve it.

Hey there, I’m a committer to the Apache Superset project and am friendly with the Trino community as well!

As long as your Trino cluster & config is setup to query both BigQuery and MySQL, it should “Just Work ™” out of the box. We actually ran an event where we join data from Pinot and Mongo and you basically just need to get the schema + table syntax right!

Some sample syntax:

FROM mongo.transport.flight
JOIN pinot.galaxy.covid_cases
ON .....

Here’s the recording from an event: (demo starts at around 32nd minute).