How do I build a data security layer on top of Trino?

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I want to build a data security layer on top of Trino but the integration with Apache Ranger didn’t turn out so well.
Has anyone built a security layer similar to above or use something other than Ranger.
I was thinking of using built in features of Trino for user and group level control, would that be sufficient.

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Setting up Apache Ranger and Trino can be a bit painful as there is no good documentation available on how to configure these two. As of Oct-2021, Apache Ranger still uses old prestosql references for presto-plugin so it will not work with the Trino. But this will not stop us to integrate Apache Ranger and Trino. I have created a forked repository that can be used as an alternative till the trino-ranger-plugin becomes generally available in Apache Ranger. Please find the following materials on how to setup Apache Ranger and Trino

1. Step by step guide on how to integrate Apache Ranger and Trino:

2. Apache Ranger fork with Trino Plugin

Ranger Version 2.1.0: GitHub - aakashnand/ranger at ranger-2.1.0-trino
Ranger Version 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT: GitHub - aakashnand/ranger: Mirror of Apache Ranger

3. Tutorial Github Repo for Integration of Apache Ranger and Trino

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