getUser from ConnectorSession in Custom Scaler UDF

I am updating some UDFs from a very old version of Trino to new version on Trino. We have the same UDFs for both presto DB and presto Trino and getting the same error in both. Our custom UDF’s need the ConnectorSession user in order for us to validate who the user is. Here is our test UDF

     * Returns the identity. Mostly for testing.
     * @param session
     *  Connector session, populated by the Presto runtime
     * @return identity, as a string
    @Description("Returns the identity represented as a string")
    public static Slice printIdentity(ConnectorSession session) {
        return Slices.utf8Slice(session.getIdentity().toString());

The ConnectorSession is passed in and we use that to verify the user. This works fine in SPI 343 but now it errors out and will not start up with Error is missing @SqlType annotation for parameter ConnectorSession. If I add a @SqlType for ConnectorSession then it expects that ConnectorSession as SQLType Parameter when we call the UDF. Pretty stuck looking to see how to get the User info in the latest version of Trino