Does trino hive connector supports CarbonData?

Dear Trino Community,

Does Trino Hive connector supports CarbonData data format?

Mahebub Sayyed

Is there any way to query CarbonData through Trino?

CarbonData currently maintains a connector called carbondata-presto that works with an older version of Trino, version 333 (an io.prestosql version before the rename). Someone has already opened a PR to update this connector to a current Trino version that they worked on in the middle of 2021 and hasn’t made much progress recently.

That being said, you could build and use the Trino version of the connector this person was working on and see if it works for you. If you are running on a version of Trino that is older than 351, you should be able to use the existing carbondata-presto connector.

Also, if you are really motivated, it would be wonderful if you could help get this contributed to the carbondata project! Let me know if you need help there.